Paradise Lost: Marathon Reading! (Th., 11/11, MU 302)

Back by popular demand—there will be a day-long reading of Paradise Lost on November 11 in MU-302.  We will start at 9:00 and go until we finish (probably about 5:30). It is largely spontaneous. Audience members volunteer to read for a few minutes (usually one of the poem’s verse paragraph is the perfect length), and people who want to read next queue up near the lectern.  Everyone is welcome to read. You can drop by for a few minutes, stay
all day, or wander in and out.  There is no need to know Paradise Lost. There will be copies of the poem available and snacks throughout the day (by mid afternoon, apples for sure).

This event will be a great way to get a feel for Milton’s style of blank verse so I encourage all of you to go.  (Also, I’d like to remind you that your blank verse assignment is due tomorrow!)  The images above and below come from the only surviving manuscript of Paradise Lost, Book 1, which is presented in a beautiful online exhibit by The Morgan Library & Museum in New York.

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