The Dodge Poetry Festival, Oct. 7-10

The Geraldine R. Dodge Poetry Festival—the largest poetry event in North America—will be taking place in Newark this year at The New Jersey Performing Arts Center.

Participating poets will include:

Taalam Acey, Matthew Dickman, John McDermott,
Hadara Bar-Nadav, Michael Dickman, Dunya Mikhail,
Amiri Baraka, Rita Dove, Judith Michaels,
Marjorie Barnes, Juba Dowdell, Joseph Millar,
Rick Benjamin, Martín Espada, Nancy Morejón,
Tara Betts, Santee Frazier, Malena Mörling,
Laura Boss, Rigoberto González, Aimee Nezhukumatathil,
Jericho Brown, Kathleen Graber, Sharon Olds,
Robert Carnevale, Rachel Hadas, Marie Ponsot,
Teresa Carson, Penny Harter, Claudia Rankine,
Michael Cirelli, Bob Hicok, Edwin Romond,
Cheryl Clarke, Tyehimba Jess, Kay Ryan,
Billy Collins, David Keller, Margo Taft Stever,
DéLana R.A. Dameron, Galway Kinnell, Mark Strand,
Kyle Dargan, Dorianne Laux, Gretna Wilkinson,
Kwame Dawes, Doughtry ‘Doc’ Long, Jerry Williams,
Oliver de la Paz, Laura McCullough

As Chelsea mentioned in class, the department has arranged a bus to the Dodge Poetry festival on Friday 10/8. There is room for 45 students. Since space is limited tickets will be on a first come/first served basis. If you’re intetersed, please see either Leandra Cain (Murray 104) or Rhea Ramey (Murray 102) to fill out a permission form; you will need to bring your student ID.

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