Welcome to ENG 219

Welcome to the course blog for English 219:11 — here you will find relevant course information such as a copy of the syllabus; assigned readings that will not be found in your Norton anthology; links to useful resources; and supplementary materials that will enrich and contextualize the assigned readings (audio clips, manuscript images, etc.). Viewing such supplementary material will be optional, but feel free to comment on the posts and engage in any kind of discussion.

You will be required to set up a blog of your own that will be linked to this one. Feel free to customize it in any way of your choosing, but you will be required to create at least one blog entry per week (think of it as a class journal). Every week, I want you to post a close reading of an assigned poem; see the syllabus for more information. You will also periodically post a poetic composition (such as a sonnet or villanelle). There will be numerous poetry events taking place this semester and extra credit will be awarded to those who post thoughtful reviews of the readings on their blogs. You are encouraged to read, comment on, and link to the entries of your classmates. Hopefully, this will be a fun and engaging component of the course.

Your first assignment is to set up a personal blog. Click here to begin. Once you’re done, please email me (mcleong@rci.rutgers.edu) the URL and I’ll set up a link to your blog.

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